Draw Textured Yarn

Draw Textured Yarn is manufactured at Tamanna International at wide range of qualities. It is obtained when polyester POY is simultaneously twisted and drawn. Draw textured yarn has wide range of uses like it is used in making clothes, home furnishing items, seat covers, belts, skin clinging garments and upholstery etc.

It is surprising that a single fabric is used in making so many products which is due to its different characteristics of the fabric made by using Draw Textured Yarn.

Draw Textured Yarn has shedloads of properties some of them are:
  • It feels like cotton as when we touch draw textured yarn it has same texture of cotton feel that is soft and comfortable like cotton making it suitable for clothing industry.
  • Highly durable which makes it value for money purchase of end products made by using this yarn.
  • Draw textured yarn has retention property which means it does not change its shape easily. It does not get shrink or loose after washing.
  • Draw Textured Yarn has toughness which means it is suitable in all kinds of weathers.
  • This fabric has high chemical resistance that is it does not react much when it comes in contact with different kinds of chemicals making it skin friendly and suitable for clothing and fashion industry.
Draw Textured Yarn can give entirely different look to clothing and apparel making itself highly suitable to fashion industry. Draw Textured Yarn is established yet new age fabric having infinite emerging uses. It has become significant part of fabric industry.

Applications of Draw Textured Yarn made at Tamanna International are like-
  • It is suitable for inner as well as outer garments like we can make coat as well as vest.
  • It is mostly used in making home furnishing products like different types of curtains, mats and cushion covers.
  • This fabric is also used for making other artificial fabrics like artificial fur, drapery and upholstery fabrics.
Draw Textured Yarn at Tamanna International:
We provide high quality draw textured yarn at very reasonable prices. We also provide the range as per the requirement of the client and market. Our main motive is to provide best and fulfilling products to the customers and enable them to run their activities smoothly.
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