Polyester Yarn

Tamanna International produces Polyester in huge quantity with the finest quality. Polyester is one of the world’s most popular manmade fabric which is made with POY. Polyester gives completely stunning look as well as add zillion properties to your product. Polyester has numerous consumer as well as industrial application as it is a choice of fabric for many industries because of its different characteristics like:
  • Pocket friendly
  • Durable
  • One of the strongest fabric when compared to other fabrics
It has been nearly a century since polyester has become a substantial part of many industries and consequently our life. Polyester provide wide range of uses which makes it irreplaceable in today’s world. Polyester was introduced during World War-II and got popular due to its durable profile but now it’s hard to find a consumer apparel that doesn’t contain at least some percentage of polyester.

Polyester can be used as sole constituent or can be spoon together with other natural fabrics to produce a product with blended properties. Blends created by mixing polyester with it can be strong, wrinkle free, tear-resistant and less shrinking.

Following are some of the uses of polyester:
  • Clothing and fashion industry, polyester is used for making shirts, pants, jackets and hats as well as used in apparel and home furnishing like making bed sheets, blankets etc.
  • Can be used in making sportswear, footwear, sewing threads, soft furnishing and upholstery.
  • Polyester has outdoor application too as it is highly resistant to environment conditions which makes it suitable for long term use in outdoor application.
  • Polyester can be used in industries for making ropes, bottles, carpets or musical instruments like guitar, pianos or phone cases etc.
To conclude we can say that polyester require no special introduction because it is the most widely used raw material which is very economic and provided an economic substitute to the industry so as to make their creations look more attractive.

Tamanna International’s expert production of Polyester:
  • We provide polyester at a very reasonable and affordable price when compared to whole industry.
  • Our customers are very satisfied with are services as our first motive is to fulfill the expectation as well as requirements of our customers
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