Cationic Yarn

We at Tamanna International have got expertise in manufacturing of Cationic Yarn. If you are a sportsperson looking for a fabric suitable for you or company making sportswear searching for a suitable fabric which can make their product highly customer friendly then you should try ‘CATIONIC’. It is all polyester fabric which can be used as sole constituent or can be blend with other fabrics to increase its properties. Basically, cationic is a new age fabric having versatile usage and adding new properties to itself making it more industry suitable fabric. We have done a deep study over the requirement and trends of market and found out that if we look at the history of cationic in a low carbon economy where companies were striving to find a fabric which reduces the uses of water, energy and chemical in making their product and also seeking ways to increase responsiveness to consumer fashion demands with more versatile and on trend fashion offering. Cationic got popularity very quickly.

Properties of Cationic Yarn:
  • It gives similar effect as natural fabrics. It feels soft and comfortable to wear and also available in wide range of bright colours.
  • Having wide range of bright colours it is very much suitable as artificial fiber at many industries and end consumer products.
  • It can be used as sole constituent or can be blend with other fabrics to make it more strong and better elastic.
  • It can be easily used as substitute to yarn dyed two colour fabrics making the overall product pocket friendly.
  • It has high chemical properties like it is bleach resistance, UV resistance and other harmful chemical resistance.
  • It avoids high energy consumption and high pollution problem making itself environment friendly.
Having so much of properties makes it versatile in uses as it can be used for different industries like:
  • It can be used in making yoga cloths, sweat shirts and sports wear because of its good water absorption qualities.
  • Can be used in making summer cloths.
  • It can be used in making warm clothing because of its good brushing effects
  • Cationic has high elasticity and hygienic properties because of which it can be used in making under wear and swim wear.
Why us for Cationic Yarn:
We provide a wide range of cationic fabric to fulfil the different requirement of our large number of customers. We provide cationic at a very reasonable price and can also fulfil the bulk orders. The variations we offer are mentioned below:
  • 110 CD ATY
  • 190 CAT SLUB
  • 220 CAT SLUB
  • 310 CD ATY
  • 500 CD ATY
  • 160 CAT SLUB
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