Air Textured Yarn

At Tamanna International, you will get the finest quality of Air Textured Yarn. This fabric is by far most versatile of all yarn available in the market. We call it most versatile because of its two major characteristics: first, it can be used for producing light weight swim suits and even heavy weight salopettes from it and secondly its versatile nature of blending with different yarns result into fabric having zillions of characteristics.

The fabrics made by using Air Textured Yarn incorporate entirely different look to any garment or apparel. Being versatile in nature it can be used for producing wide range of products like apparels, upholstery and carpet applications.

Air Textured Yarn is made from POY having millions of small loops which give it a distinct feeling and look. Air textured yarn is very rich in properties and some of its properties are listed below:
  • Strength: Air Textured Yarn is very strong in nature and it is very suitable for massive clothing industry.
  • It has amazing elongation capacity so that it is very suitable for producing best quality and long lasting products.
  • Dimensionally Stable: It does not shrink or get loose even after several washes.
  • Due to its high moisture absorbency it gives more comfort to the holder making it suitable for all skin type.
  • Another quality of this yarn is that the fabric is good at moisture transportation which makes it suitable for all weathers like it is cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Another thing about this fabric to be taken into account is that it makes lower bulk fabric.
  • Air Textured Fabric has close loop frequency which makes it more attractive and suitable for fashion industry.
  • Some other qualities of Air Textured Fabric are their tremendous loop dimension and loop stability.
Clearly, Air Textured Fabric is the most resourceful and very rich yarn among all that are available in market. Every now and then, new uses of this fabrics are getting discovered on thus making it significant part of textile industry. So it is the must try fabric for fashion industry, home furnishing industry etc.

Air Textured Yarn at Tamanna Internationals Private Limited:
  • We provide high quality Air Textured Yarn at very reasonable prices compared to industry standards.
  • Our priority is to fulfill the needs of our costumer and provide them with high quality fabric yarns which makes us the most popular and loved among our customers.
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