Nylon Yarns

Tamanna International is one of the top suppliers of Nylon Yarn. Nylon is a type of synthetic polymers that are widely used to make a variety of different types of apparel and end-consumer good like when you wake up you brush your teeth and that brush is made from nylon, and different kind of cloths that you wear are also made from nylon. In short, nylon is the most useful and versatile synthetic with application varying from daily life activities to industries.

If we look at the history of nylon, it was found as substitute to silk as silk was very expensive and also short in supply so people started using nylon for making parachutes and also clothes. That was the point it get popular and now it constitutes somewhere around 25% of total textile market.

So Nylon got its popularity because of its unique features like:
  • It is highly durable and versatile.
  • It has relatively low cost.
  • Extremely elastic.
  • It dries very fast and also it doesn’t need ironing.
  • It does not absorb water and damage resistant to oil and many chemicals.
The biggest user of nylon is clothing industry where nylon is used in making shirts, underwear, swimwear, cycle wear and traditional cloths for women. As nylon has no basis in organic material it is entirely synthetic.

Following are the different uses of nylon yarns:
  • Nylon has some industrial uses like making seat belts, nets, ropes, thread, tents and parachute as well.
  • Nylon is also used to manufacture plastic machine parts because it is cost effective and long lasting.
We have nylon yarns available in two types:
  • Fancy Nylon Yarn: These are made primarily for their appearance. It differs from single piled yarn due to presence of irregularities deliberately produced during its formation. The fancy yarn has some qualities like less strain and are easy to vary for design purpose.
  • Textured Nylon Yarn: It is a constant filament yarn whose smooth straight fibers have been displaced from their closely packed, parallel position by the introduction of some form of crimp, curl, loop or coil.
To conclude we can say that nylon doesn’t need any separate introduction it is vary popular because of its unique features.

Why us for Nylon Yarn:
  • We provide best quality product which are reasonably priced.
  • We are customer centric company and we will not give you a reason to be dissatisfied. The word regret will not be there in your dictionary by doing business with us.
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