Viscose Yarn

Viscose Yarn manufactured at Tamanna International is highly durable and affordable material with rich colour then viscose is definitely a good choice. It is artificially obtained fabric of cellulose origin.

If we look at the history of viscose it was found by scientist who are trying to make “artificial silk” from years but not succeeding at all but after trying for years they found viscose which requires very slow process performed with great deal of skills and precision to be made.

It withstand everyday use, drapes well and feels soft to touch and used for many purposes. Following are the uses of viscose:
  • It has domestic textile uses like in making blankets, curtains, jackets, dresses, ties, work clothes, saris.
  • It can be used in taffetas and sumptuous velvets.
  • Unlike other man-made fabrics, rayon is not synthetic. It is made with wood pulp, a naturally- occurring raw material that why viscose is very rich in properties like:
  • If we talk of its general characteristic-it is soft and comfortable, that’s why most of the people love wearing cloths made with viscose.
  • It is a summer as well as winter fabric as in summer it remains cool and absorb all the sweat from the body and in winter it gives warmth to our body which is it is suitable for all seasons.
  • It is as light as cotton thus can be easily used as substitute to cotton.
  • Viscose is easily dyeable fabric thus we can dye it in any colour and make it look more attractive.
  • Another property of viscose is that it doesn’t fade in sun thus you can easily wear it in hot summer too without any stress.
  • It has some health benefits too like it is good at retaining body heat and also very hygienic.
  • Viscose is environment friendly too like it is completely bio degradable.
  • Another strength of viscose is that it can be used as sole constituent or can be easily blend with any other fabric.
To conclude we can say that it is a single fabric having qualities of multiple fabrics like it is silk like aesthetic with superb drape at the same time it is comfortable, breathable and easily dyed in various colours.

Specialty of Viscose at Tamanna International:
We provide different kind of viscose to serve the different requirements of our customer and also at a very affordable price which make our product customer favorite like-
  • 150 PLAIN
  • 160 SLUB
  • 240 SLUB
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