Full Dull Yarn

Full dull yarn is made by using PET (polyethylene terephthalate) which has soft visual appeal and available in different attractive colours and a strong covering.

If you a company looking for a raw material that best fit to your apparel and home textile product then you should give full dull a try. Full dull has wide application area such as:
  • It is widely used in fashion industry for making wide range of women clothing like blouses, dresses, scarves and for men clothing like ties, menswear and other clothing like rainwear etc.
  • It is also used in making home decoration products like curtains, sheets, towels and blanket.
  • Highly suitable for textile processing.
Full dull fabric requires high end technology to produce which results into zillion characteristics like:
  • It is a full stretched yarn.
  • It is smooth in texture, distinctive appearance, light weight and great finishing which makes it highly suitable for fashion industry.
  • It can be used as sole constituent or can be blend with other fabrics to increase its versatility.
  • It has around 35 to 40% crystallinity.
  • Full dull has a stable structure which make more suitable to different industries.
  • It is a flat yarn having very less shrinkage issues.
  • It is most economical and commercially viable yarn for apparel.
  • To conclude full dull is one of the most used and suitable fabric for apparel industry. It is a new age of fabric which now getting recognized all over world and soon to be substantial part of clothing industry because it can be used as substitute to many fabrics like cotton because it possess all the qualities of cotton yet have some distinctive and unique feature of itself. Many people call it as a look a like of cotton which make it justifiable to give it a try and use it.

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